Ever wondered what a day in the working life of a wedding band is like? Well you might not have but it is something that you might find of interest. Gaining an understanding of the tasks involved and the whole process start to finish might make you appreciate just how much work goes into the planning of a wedding from the point of view of your chosen wedding entertainers. To give you an idea of what is involved we followed The Souljers, a local wedding band from Leicester.

The band was formed only a few years ago but is fronted by experienced wedding singer and all round entertainer Adam Thomas, the band are from Leicester but cover a wide range of venues in particularly across the Midlands in areas such as Warwickshire and Stratford Upon Avon. They are a 3 piece band but can come with a set of dancers and provide a full choreographed show that consists of a backdrop, outfits and classic retro mic stands. Now you know this let’s look at what’s involved in the set-up at a wedding.

The Souljers Band Ansty Hall Wedding Entertainment

12PM – Arrival and Warm Up

Your evening entertainment might not start until 8pm but the band are rehearsing together to make sure they are all in tune with the setup for your night. Making this effort is something they are not directly charging for but rather maintenance work to make sure they will be ready for your night.

Depending on where your venue is there also might be travel involved, they may get there a few hours early and get access to the venue or get you to sign the final paperwork to cover everything.

5PM – Final Rehearsal and Checks

By 5 the band will be setting up the kit and making sure they have everything ready, with some final rehearsing they will be ready for your big wedding entertainment. The outfits, backdrop and everything else will be  in place by this point.

8PM – The Band are Live!

After just a couple of tests on the microphone the band are up and live and filled with adreneline. With a fast paced, thrilling set the band will bring you classics from the rat pack through to modern day songs from Paolo Nutini and Michael Buble, the perfect soul and jazz combination for all your guests. By this point they should be all up dancing and singing along to their favourite songs.

8:45PM – The Matinee

By this point the band have finished their first set and are worn out. They retreat to the backstage area to chill out for half an hour. This gives your audience a bit of a breather to as they will likely be tired from all the singing and dancing themselves. They will apply a change of clothes and come back with their pick and mix where they play all the classics. During this period theres a few songs being played on the PA system with some of the kids joining in with the dancing.

9:15PM – The Encore

The band are out for their final set, singing classics such as My Girl, with everyone joining in. After a burst of songs from Grease and other classics such as Build me up buttercup they finish with requests before retreating to the backstage and wowing everyone at your reception. They will then do whatever you wish after the set, whether that be hang around and enjoy the party with you or go off with their pay check, they will be a pleasure to have at your wedding.

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