To say Netflix is a flexible platform is an understatement. With Netflix it is possible to watch movies and TV shows across many different devices – including tablets. However because Netflix streams videos, that can often be a limitation. In particular you won’t be able to watch Netflix movies if you have no internet connection, and may find that it starts to very quickly eat into your bandwidth cap if you utilize mobile internet.

The best way around these issues would be to ‘save’ any Netflix movies that you’re interested in on your PC. When you do so you can watch the movies as and when you please, and will also be able to transfer them to your mobile devices so you don’t need to use up your bandwidth limitations. Although Netflix itself doesn’t give you the option to ‘save’ its movies, you can do so quite easily with Movavi Screen Capture Studio.


To download from Netflix, just launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio and follow these steps:

  1. Select ‘Capture screen’ in the main menu.
  2. Resize and position the capture frame to encompass the Netflix movie that you want to save.
  3. Check that the ‘System Audio’ is selected.
  4. Click ‘REC’ and play the Netflix movie at the same time.
  5. Click ‘Stop’ when the movie is done.
  6. Click ‘Save’ and select a format or choose one of the hundreds of presets available to automatically optimize the video for a certain device or platform.

After you have saved the video that you recorded from Netflix, you should spend a bit of time looking into the other features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio. It has a full suite of video editing features that may prove useful, as it will let you enhance the quality of your videos, cut and combine video segments, add customizable text, apply special effects and filters, include background music, and much more.

Suffice to say Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a full-fledged screen capture software that is capable of producing videos to suit any requirements. Whether you just want to save movies from Netflix or are interested in creating video content, capturing Skype calls, or even downloading other streaming videos is entirely up to you – but rest assured you will have all the features you could possibly need in order to do so.

Ever wondered what a day in the working life of a wedding band is like? Well you might not have but it is something that you might find of interest. Gaining an understanding of the tasks involved and the whole process start to finish might make you appreciate just how much work goes into the planning of a wedding from the point of view of your chosen wedding entertainers. To give you an idea of what is involved we followed The Souljers, a local wedding band from Leicester.

The band was formed only a few years ago but is fronted by experienced wedding singer and all round entertainer Adam Thomas, the band are from Leicester but cover a wide range of venues in particularly across the Midlands in areas such as Warwickshire and Stratford Upon Avon. They are a 3 piece band but can come with a set of dancers and provide a full choreographed show that consists of a backdrop, outfits and classic retro mic stands. Now you know this let’s look at what’s involved in the set-up at a wedding.

The Souljers Band Ansty Hall Wedding Entertainment

12PM – Arrival and Warm Up

Your evening entertainment might not start until 8pm but the band are rehearsing together to make sure they are all in tune with the setup for your night. Making this effort is something they are not directly charging for but rather maintenance work to make sure they will be ready for your night.

Depending on where your venue is there also might be travel involved, they may get there a few hours early and get access to the venue or get you to sign the final paperwork to cover everything.

5PM – Final Rehearsal and Checks

By 5 the band will be setting up the kit and making sure they have everything ready, with some final rehearsing they will be ready for your big wedding entertainment. The outfits, backdrop and everything else will be  in place by this point.

8PM – The Band are Live!

After just a couple of tests on the microphone the band are up and live and filled with adreneline. With a fast paced, thrilling set the band will bring you classics from the rat pack through to modern day songs from Paolo Nutini and Michael Buble, the perfect soul and jazz combination for all your guests. By this point they should be all up dancing and singing along to their favourite songs.

8:45PM – The Matinee

By this point the band have finished their first set and are worn out. They retreat to the backstage area to chill out for half an hour. This gives your audience a bit of a breather to as they will likely be tired from all the singing and dancing themselves. They will apply a change of clothes and come back with their pick and mix where they play all the classics. During this period theres a few songs being played on the PA system with some of the kids joining in with the dancing.

9:15PM – The Encore

The band are out for their final set, singing classics such as My Girl, with everyone joining in. After a burst of songs from Grease and other classics such as Build me up buttercup they finish with requests before retreating to the backstage and wowing everyone at your reception. They will then do whatever you wish after the set, whether that be hang around and enjoy the party with you or go off with their pay check, they will be a pleasure to have at your wedding.

Where can you get the best guitar lessons around the Dollard area? There are many types of lessons one could seek. You might want to play an electric or an acoustic. Acoustics are often considered classical. There are steel strings and nylon strings. Some acoustics have a special pick up which you can plug into an electric source, and it can amplify your acoustic music. Acoustic is a good way for beginners to learn chords. The electric guitar can be used in many ways. You can play lead, rhythm or bass. You might already have a fine instrument, and are seeking to further your studies.

Best Guitar Lessons in Dollard

What Should I Look for When Choosing the Best Place for Guitar Lessons?

  • One of the things you should look for when seeking guitar lessons around Dollard, is to decide which instructor or music school offers the widest array of lessons. Do they only have one specialty or several?
  • Does the instructor or school you are finding information about offer all styles of guitar, or are they limited? Take a notebook with you, and write down your findings, so you can review the best choice. Do they offer studies anywhere from classical to rock? If you want to play bass, is that offered?
  • Does the school or instructor accept beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels? Are they able to meet the desired expertize you are aiming for in your studies?
  • Check out the background, education, and reputation of the instructor, or school history.
  • Can the school or instructor teach you to properly read music notation along with tabs, if desired?
  • About how long will each lesson last, or how many different types of classes does the instructor or school have in your field?

When It Comes to Guitar Lessons, What Are Some Things I Should Expect to Learn?

  • You should expect to learn what you are seeking, and more. All of everything you seek can be found around the Dollard area, preferably in one location.
  • You should expect to learn any type or style of music you choose. There are different methods of teaching, and you should feel satisfied with the methods offered.
  • You should be able to learn anything ranging from simple chords, finger style, picking and riffs.

Do You Need a Guitar When Taking Lessons, and How Long Will it Take?

All guitar players need a guitar to practice with and play. Playing proficiently requires a lot of time, practice, and quality instruction. If you are a beginning student, and do not really know where you stand, or how to go about making a selection, wait and talk to the school or instructor you choose. They will be very knowledgeable about the methods of obtaining a guitar in the Dollard area.

If you are just starting, there is no magical way to learn to play the guitar in a few easy steps. It takes a lot of hard work and determination. Some try to teach themselves, but often end up frustrated with sloppy techniques. A lot of players, that started as a child, and continued into adulthood really wish they would of learned to read music. It is never to late to enroll in some good classes.

Taking Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons Around Dollard

You will find the perfect school or guitar lessons in Dollard. If you have a child that shows strong interest, or you are wanting to further your techniques, it would be a wise investment to get in some classes as soon as possible. If you want to be a rock star, a classical performer, or would just like to learn some simple chords, there is a perfect place for you.

If you own a piano, there’s no doubt that you care deeply about its safety and structural integrity. But like any other material possession you keep in your home, there’s also a good chance you don’t always take care of your piano as well as you should. After all, your life is full of distractions and expenses, and besides, you don’t really have to worry about piano repair until there’s something wrong with the instrument. Right?

Unfortunately, these types of misconceptions are often the cause of long-term and even irreparable damage to residential pianos. Instead of simply another piece of furniture, you should see your piano as a significant investment and make sure that you are maintaining it correctly. While it’s true that hiring someone to maintain your piano can sometimes cost you money, and it may seem like it’s not worth it to hire someone to check out and maintain your instrument regularly until you notice there’s something wrong, but in actual fact, by working with a piano services company to regularly maintain your instrument, you may never have to worry about undergoing any truly expensive repairs – or worse, the heartbreaking loss of your piano.

piano repair - v-piano grand theater

When you look inside of your instrument, you will see a complicated network of strings, hammers, felt and wires. All of these parts need to be cared for by a professional, but you want to be sure they are being looked after by someone who sincerely cares about the quality and outcome of the work they are doing. Thanks to factors like changes in weather and humidity, the passage of time, and even the constant pressure on the strings that comes from regular playing, professionals recommend that your piano undergo maintenance at least two to three times a year. If you don’t get your piano looked after this regularly, it will lose its tone and its pitch, and even beginner players will note that it doesn’t sound as it should. On top of this, of course, you will also be dealing with the fact that the piano can break down, requiring even more expensive repairs, if you let a lack of maintenance go on for too long.

Now that you know why you need to keep your instrument maintained, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right company to do it. There are certain traits that you should look for when it comes to choosing a company for your piano repair and maintenance. For one, you will want to make sure that the staff at the company you choose are musicians, and they understand the importance of sound, pitch and tone to the owner. This will also help to ensure that the person doing the repairs cares about the instrument and is enthused by the prospect of getting the best possible sound out of the instrument. Finally, you will want to make sure that the company you choose for your maintenance and repairs can work on a number of different brands and models. The more knowledge they have, the better they will be able to perform maintenance.

By making sure that you choose a company like that makes a point to select employees who are passionate about piano repair and maintenance, you can have confidence that your own instrument will sound its best, each time you play it. Without this care, you could be facing expensive repairs that could have been prevented.

Musicals have a special place in the movie world. However, this genre of film isn’t right for everyone. Whether you are most interested in the theater adaptations or you enjoy a great musical in movie form, there are plenty of options from which you can choose. As you consider your options, think about these great musicals that have left their impression on the world of music and movies alike.

West Side Story

A slightly more modern version of Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story is the story of two individuals who are from different worlds but are in love with each other. However, this unlikely pair encounters various stumbling blocks along the way, including the girl’s family and the local street gangs. This story is an exciting one with plenty of twist and turns, as well as lots of action. Will this love story turn out with the same kind of tragic end as Romeo and Juliet or will love triumph?

The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music is a true classic in the world of musicals and stars the talented Julie Andrews. This movie has been enjoyed by generations who enjoy a combination of a great story and music. Andrews plays a nun who leaves the convent to take care of the children of a widower. Over the course of the story, the children go from despising their new governess to adoring her, as does their father, creating a great love story along the way. Recently on San Antonio channels, specifically NBC, Carrie Underwood tried her hand at a live performance of The Sound of Music. Critics were harsh and many people said that no one can live up to Andrews’ performance.


Grease is another of the great musical classics that many people enjoy. This musical, which takes place in the 1950s, is a classic good girl falls for bad boy style story that leads to plenty of singing and dancing over the matter. The couple originally launches in a summer romance that isn’t supposed to continue beyond until they find each other attending the same high school, giving them the chance to rekindle the romance they shared.


While many musicals are adaptations of Broadway musicals, there are other ways in which these musicals can become great movies individuals love to watch. For instance, Walt Disney was able to take music to a new level with his animated film, Fantasia. This film is a collection of cartoons that are set to different types of music. For instance, the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” shows what happens when Mickey Mouse tries to become a sorcerer. Other popular songs that are featured in this fun film include “The Rite of Spring,” “Night on Bald Mountain” and “Ave Maria.” This collection has been a fan favorite since it was released in 1940.

Musicals come in all types and styles. When you are looking for a great movie that will have you singing and dancing along, these musicals are great options. However, the list doesn’t stop here. There are so many musicals that have been created as films over the years that it can often be difficult to choose exactly which one you want to watch. If you are having trouble choosing one, start with this list. But if you want even more options, you will find plenty of movies that fit into this genre.